Unique Exhibits

The exhibition narrative brings to the fore the cultural resources of the Hellenic Parliament, focusing on two unique historical ensembles, of image and word, respectively.

The first, a visual one, is dictated by the building itself. It is the mural ornamentation that adorns the former Hall of the Trophies and the Adjutants, now Hall “Eleftherios Venizelos”, in the Megaron of the Parliament: The Frieze of the Revolution in the Hall of the Trophies, with 20 representations of pivotal military and political-diplomatic events of the period 1821-1833, and the portraits in circular shape (“medallions”) of 14 protagonists of the Revolution in the Hall of the Adjutants.

The second unique ensemble, a textual one this time, comprises the Archives of the Greek Regeneration, an emblematic archival collection of the Library of the Hellenic Parliament