Hall of the Adjutants

Heroon of the Struggle

In the adjoining smaller Hall of the Adjutants we are welcomed by 14 fighters-pioneers of the Greek Revolution, who function metonymically for all the eponymous and anonymous heroes, military men and politicians, local and expatriates, Greeks and Philhellenes, men as well as women who threw themselves with self-denial in the Struggle.

Pistols, rapiers and cartridge pouches were for them tools of freedom, the love for their country, the deeply-routed Orthodox faith, the desire for justice their symbolic assets.

In this «official» heroon of the Revolution, the visitor, man and woman, enters into «conversation» with the protagonists and martyrs of the Struggle, bringing the exhibition narrative to emotional culmination.

Their valour and self-sacrifice leave no one unmoved. Andreas Kalvos exclaims:

«Most fervent the desire
for glory you planted
in the heart of your children,
oh Hellas, and you are called
mother of heroes».

«To glory»

The Lyre, Geneva 1824

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