Hall of the Trophies

Hall of the Trophies

Scenes and Figures of Freedom

The main part of the Exhibition expands on the first floor of the Parliament Megaron, in the imposing Hall «Eleftherios Venizelos», historically known under the name  Hall of the «Trophies and the Adjutants».

Before the visitors, men and women, find themselves inside the hall, will encounter, as a prelude, a unit about the preparation of the Struggle by the Society of Friends, as well as a cartographic chronicle

In the impressive Hall of the Trophies prevalent is the monumental painted frieze with scenes of pivotal military and diplomatic events of the revolution period, which provides the narrative «canvas» of the exhibition: six main units and two additional ones on specific themes document visually and textually the representations of the Frieze in chronological order (1821-1833) and integrate them into their wider historical context.

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